You can enter the same item or campaign into multiple categories. Accordingly, the submission may win in multiple categories. It is up to the applicant to determine which categories best fit the work. The awards program reserves the right to move entries to different categories as deemed appropriate.

Individual components will be listed along with the categories, allowing you to also submit a single piece, rather than an entire campaign. Awards will be judged separately for banks with less than $500MM in assets and more than $500MM in assets.

Directions: Please complete all of the online submission form. You will complete a brief application form for each separate campaign or component that you are submitting for consideration. Individual marketing components can be submitted on their own, and can also be part of a campaign submission. All information submitted will be used for awards voting purposes. Provide as much information and detail as possible, all aspects of the strategy, process and collateral will be considered.

Eligibility: The awards program is open to all banks, credit unions, agencies, and financial marketing service providers, operating and marketing within New England. Campaign and individual entries must have been in use in the 2013 or 2014 calendar years, but do not have to be created during this timeframe.

Deadline: All entries must be received by Friday, November 7th at 5 pm to be considered for NEFMA’s Best in Marketing awards.

There is no fee for submissions. Please feel free to submit as many campaigns or items as you like.

Judging criteria includes the following components:

  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Challenge/Strategy/Objectives
  • Execution
  • Message Impact
  • Design/Technology Application
  • Judges Discretionary Score