2017 Agenda


8:00 a.m. Rising Stars Awards Breakfast (Separate Ticketed Event)

Awards Breakfast Timeline:
8:00 a.m. Registration & Networking
8:30 a.m. Rising Stars Breakfast Begins
8:45 a.m. Opening Remarks
8:50 a.m. Keynote Speaker State Senator Jamie Eldridge
9:10 a.m. Awards Presentation Begins
9:30 a.m. Closing Remarks
9:45 a.m. Photography Session with recipients and CEOs

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9:00 a.m. Exhibit Hall Opens


9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. SBA Meeting

Join the SBA offices from MA, NH & RI to learn about SBA loan program updates to help you grow customers, member business loans and profitability.


10:00 a.m.  – 10:45 a.m. Concurrent Sessions – Choose from one of four

Creating a Culture of Innovation to Grow Your Financial Institution

JayTuli_ZRent_headshot_WebHear Leader Bank’s Jay Tuli (SVP of Residential and Retail Banking) talk about the importance of maintaining an entrepreneurial culture within your bank to drive innovative products and solutions to your customers. Founded in 2002, Leader Bank has grown from a de novo institution to $1.2 Billion in assets, consistently ranking as one of Massachusetts’s most profitable banks. Leader Bank has grown its deposit base at annual rate of 29% over the last 5 years through the introduction of several innovative programs, such as Zeugma Rewards – a loyalty checking and savings account, and Zrent (www.zrent.net) – an online rent collection tool for landlords to eliminate paper rent checks. In the past 18 months, Leader Bank has used ZRent to acquire over 100 new checking account relationships and $2MM+ in Landlord deposits. ZRent is now being licensed to other community banks to help attract property owners and business deposits to the respective institutions.

Presented by: Jay Tuli, Founder of ZRent and SVP of Retail Banking & Residential Lending at Leader Bank


Achieving Growth with MarTech

NickChassesAdj_MG_4783Growth strategies that include core integration and maximizing your marketing dollars are dependent upon Marketing Technology (MarTech). Effectively driving your credit union forward means implementing a formula for growth that sets your goals, strategy, and execution plan not just in your marketing department, but throughout your organization. Join our team of Synergent experts to learn how to most efficiently leverage your data using the latest MarTech tools, including transactional data mining, omni-channel campaigns, and targeted marketing.

Presented by: Nick Chasse, Vice President, Business Development, Synergent

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Cybersecurity Implications for Risk Management and FFIEC Compliance

New Speaker headshotIn this session, we will dig into the cybersecurity landscape and new types of threats that credit unions and mortgage service companies need to be aware of to protect IT assets, member data, and avoid becoming a victim of financial theft. We will also discuss various options available to credit unions and the financial services industry to mitigate the risk of a data breach. This session will identify what credit unions need to do to comply with FFIEC as it relates to security monitoring, vulnerability management, and patch management. A customer of EiQ will discuss how they are able to meet FFIEC regulations by implementing an affordable security monitoring and vulnerability management program.

Presented by: John Linkous, Advisor, EiQ Networks



The Impact of Digital Innovation on the Member Experience: Leveraging Your Network to Deliver Competitive Advantage

Aaron baker headshotFinancial services are evolving rapidly. Upstart digital companies and cloud applications are reshaping customer expectations. To retain their member experience advantage, credit unions are innovating, too. Though many don’t realize, their network may be stifling their efforts.

In this session you’ll learn:

  1. How the network impacts digital innovation
  2. Key challenges (performance, reliability, visibility, control, security, agility, cost)
  3. How a new technology, SD-WAN, can empower you to remain out-front

Presented by: Aaron Baker, Corporate Vice President, EarthLink Business


11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Concurrent Sessions  – Choose from one of four

Transformational Growth – Building Stronger More Profitable Relationships

Tom LongFor nearly a quarter of a century, The Long Group has been analyzing the association between relationship banking and financial performance.  The outcome of this analysis reveals that a relationship banking focus drives profits.  In a thin margin business, learn how leveraging customer intelligence will improve your marketing ROI and launch your growth strategy.  This thought provoking presentation will show you how to unlock the opportunities in your member file, cultivate a relationship banking advantage and secure the future of your credit union.

Presented by: Tom Long, Founder & Principal, The Long Group


Same Day Origination: Decisions, Decisions

Sean carter photoPhase 1 of NACHA’s Same Day ACH Rule has been implemented and all signs indicate it was a success.  Some credit unions have even found new and interesting Use Cases for Same Day ACH that both drive revenue and reduce expenses. If your credit union  hasn’t thought about how Same Day ACH can be used to drive revenue and reduce expenses it’s not too late. This session will explore the factors you should consider when deciding whether to originate Same Day transactions. The speaker will also address operation and risk issues as well as sound business cases that credit unions can consider. Credit unions of all sizes will benefit from this session.

Presented by: Sean Carter, AAP, NCP, President & CEO, NEACH



How Will New Accounting Rules Change the Way Your Credit Union Operates?

John Leonard headshotHistorically, new accounting rules have impacted the financial statements and the way certain transactions are accounted for. In recent years, the accounting standards are getting more complex and will begin to impact operational decisions within community financial institutions. In this session, we will guide you through some significant new accounting rules and how their implementation will impact the operations of your credit union. From human resources to facilities to ALCO strategies, are you prepared for the new rules?

Attendees of this presentation will receive:

  • High level overview of significant new accounting rules, including revenue recognition, leases, financial instruments and allowance for loan losses
  • Better understanding of how the rules will impact your institution outside of the accounting area
  • Key operational issues to think about as you prepare to implement the new rules
  • How you should be preparing for the new rules

Presented by: John J. Leonard, CPA, MBA, Member of the Firm, Wolf & Company, P.C.


What’s New at CCUA? New Product Offerings and Collaborative Efforts 

Want to know what’s new and exciting at the Cooperative Credit Union Association? At this informative session, a variety of team members from CCUA will update attendees on the latest offerings from our vendor partners, including an innovative new home improvement loan program to help drive loan volume, an update on Member Close including the revamped Loan Guarantee Program, and more offerings. On the core services side, you will learn about how the Association is driving collaboration among credit unions to ultimately drive down costs and bring efficiency to core operational areas.



12:00 p.m. Buffet Lunch

12:00 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. Leadership Luncheon
(by invitation only)
Keynote Speaker: Dan Smith, ‎Assistant Director, Office of Financial Institutions and Business Liaison of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


dan headshotDan Smith joined the CFPB in 2013 as the first Assistant Director for the newly-created Office of Financial Institutions. Mr. Smith previously served as the Director for Industry and State Relations at Freddie Mac. Prior to working at Freddie Mac, Mr. Smith represented Fortune 500 companies as Vice President at Dehart and Darr Associates for 15 years. Mr. Smith is a leading authority on state legislative process and has an in depth knowledge of consumer protection laws and regulations in the areas of foreclosure prevention, mortgage and banking related issues, privacy, direct marketing, and publishing. Mr. Smith received a Master’s in Business Administration and a B.A. in Political Science from Mount Saint Mary’s University.


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1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. Concurrent Sessions – Choose from one of four

Make a Booming Echo With Your Credit Union

OliverRaoust_RaoustPartners_Headshot_WebThe Echo Project: How Member Feedback Loops equal actionable analyses and a plan of attack using smart creative and marketing strategies.

The current challenges of many credit unions today to stay in tune with current and future members is shifting in tandem with the adoption of new digital channels. Now is the time to adopt new pragmatic methods to establish and maintain communication strategies that will assist you in achieving your emerging mission. We will discuss new methods to establish and maintain active member feedback loops for each channel utilized by your credit union to retain and gain healthy and strong linkage with both consumers and small business owners.

Presented by: Olivier F. Raoust, Sr. , Chief Brand Strategist/Chief Creative Director and Juli Ann Lawrence, Chief Strategic Officer, Raoust+Partners


Making the Most of Your CECL Implementation

Big challenges are ahead for credit unions as they begin to prepare for the new CECL standard which calls for life of loan loss estimates, instead of today’s incurred loss methodology.  Significant impacts to reserve amounts are expected.  Additionally, credit unions should also anticipate impacts to technology expenses, resources and capital.  During the session, Courtney dives into the topic of CECL Implementation while focusing on:

  • What type of data is needed for CECL Implementation?
  • What methodology works best for you?
  • What will auditors and examiners look for on day one?
  • How to find value beyond CECL compliance?

Presented by: Courtney Collier, Product Manager, Analytics Products, CU Direct


Improving Network Security…For Free

According to some studies, the average time it takes for organizations to discover a breach is almost 150 days.  Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your organization’s ability to detect and respond to breach attempts. And some of them are free.  This session will demonstrate how your organization can leverage built-in tools from Microsoft to protect, detect, and respond to cyberattacks and insider threats.  In particular, we will show how to use a combination of Microsoft’s Windows Event Forwarding (WEF), Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), PowerShell, Local Administration Password Solution (LAPS), and Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to defend against and contain malicious activity on your organization’s local area network

NathanielGravel_GraVoac_WEB (2)MichaelKannan_GraVoac_WEB (2)

.Presented by: Nathaniel C. Gravel, Vice President of Information Security & IT, and Michael Kannan, Senior Security Consultant, GraVoc Associates, Inc.

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IT Maturity – Is your IT a Strategic Business Enabler?

Trent headshotThis is a session designed for CEO’s, Executives, and IT leaders. Is your IT department continuously busy, loaded down with projects and yet key strategic projects that could really help your CU are not being accomplished nor discussed? Many IT leaders and Executives feel this way yet it is extremely difficult to find the path forward. In this session, Pure IT Credit Union Services will discuss IT maturity from a Gartner Infrastructure and Operations model perspective. This model assesses the maturity of the People, Process, Technology, and Business Management of your environment. The results give you a roadmap to move the organization forward to more efficient economics, quality of service, agility, customer satisfaction, and business contribution. It is possible for IT to provide direct service and enablement of the larger CU’s needs and business goals. We’ll share some examples of how CU’s are changing technology from just a cost center to a driver of the Credit Union’s growth and business goals.

Presented by: Trent Henson, Chief Technology Officer, Pure IT Credit Union Services



2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Concurrent Sessions  – Choose from one of four


What You Need To Know About HMDA Changes Today And In The Future

Harrison_Robert_SMLThis seminar covers the final rule revising HMDA reporting and data collection procedures, and will help highlight operation issues the changes present.  The material will include the timeline of effective dates and will also list key changes affecting whether an institution is required to collect and report.  Additionally, we will explore the new data collection requirements and how current data collection requirements are modified.  We will also discuss certain exceptions applicable to small producers.

Presented by: Rob Harrison, Regulatory Compliance Consultant, CLA Bankers Advisory

Clifton Larson



Emerging Opportunities in Financing for Solar

Solar power is growing at an impressive rate, and credit unions have the opportunity to take full advantage of this thriving industry. More than 30 million homes across the country are eligible for solar, and that number is projected to grow even more. However, three of the biggest variables that hold homeowners back are access to trusted financing options, finding reputable solar  installers, and dedicating the time needed to research each part of the process. The Own My Solar platform from NRGTree aims to eliminate these uncertainties for your members while growing your lending portfolio.  Please join us for a demonstration of the added value we can offer your members while placing your loan options at the point of sale.

TJ headshot  abdu  chris

Presented by: TJ Caveney CEO, Abdu Elrefaiy CRO & Chris Buchanan CMO, NRGTree



EFT 101 – Debit PIN Network Basics

Joe WoodsCU24Photov1Basics of how PIN networks operate, why ATM & POS transactions route the way they do and how to maximize debit program income.  In addition, we will touch on how government regulations and merchant pressure affects the payment landscape.

Presented by: Joe Woods, CUDE, Vice President, Sales & Relationship Management, CU24





Make your Regulators Happy with Credit Risk Management

Cherpack_PeterAs many Credit Unions look to expand their lending capabilities, it is important for them to better understand the regulatory scrutiny that will come with that expansion. Several key best practices have evolved for the smaller financial institutions, and they need to be incorporated into the fabric of a growing lending culture. Learn about concepts like “Sensitivity Stress Testing”, “Criteria for Commercial Risk Ratings” and “Concentration Management” and how and why to apply them in your institution.

Presented by: Peter Cherpack, Partner and EVP, Ardmore Banking Advisors, Inc



3:30 p.m. Raffle Winner Announcements

3:45 p.m. Exhibit Hall Closes